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  • Competitive price for G24102SKGX
  • Has 81% high-efficiency
  • -40˚C up to +85˚C temperature range
  • 35kHz switching frequency
  • G24102SKGX
  • G24102SKGX

In China, RANTLE is a popular distributor of excellent quality electronic parts.

Because of that, RANTLE is always supplying the best quality G24102SKGX with an affordable price.

For your business, we offer a wide variety of superior quality G24102SKGX which will suit your requirements.

At RANTLE, you can discover a top-quality G24102SKGX that will exceed your expectations.

G24102SKGX supplier

At RANTLE, we highly offer the superior quality G24102SKGX which are designed especially for application in which the polar power-supplies are all isolated from a power supply input in the distributed system of power supply in the circuit board.

Due to that, RANTLE’s highest-quality G24102SKGX is best applied to applications where a voltage of an input power supplies is fixed.

Aside from that, it is also perfect for applications where isolation is a must between the output and input.

Our premium quality G24102SKGX is also best for applications where regulation of an output voltage as well as an output noise ripple are all not demanded.

This includes a pure digital circuit, IGBT power, and low frequency ordinary analog circuits.

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Also, RANTLE is supplying a top-quality G24102SKGX which is a fixes input, 2W, 6000 V unregulated and isolated single/dual DC-DC output converter.

This superior quality G24102SKGX can provide you with about 81% high-efficiency.

A 6KVDC isolation is also incorporated into our excellent quality G24102SKGX. For a better solution, we are distributing a top-quality G24102SKGX which is incorporated with lower isolation capacitance.

Our trusted quality G24102SKGX also doesn’t require a heat sink.

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For a maximum level of performance, we are also supplying the best quality G24102SKGX which is designed with SMD internal construction.

A short circuit continuous protection is highly integrated into our trusted quality G24102SKGX.

In China, we are also a professional supplier of high-quality G24102SKGX which doesn’t require an external component.

For the best solution, our excellent quality G24102SKGX can work under a -40˚C up to +85˚C temperature range.

A maximum output power of 2 W is also incorporated in our superior quality G24102SKGX.

Aside from that, our high-quality G24102SKGX is also equipped with a typical of 35kHz switching frequency.

At RANTLE, you can always find the best quality G24102SKGX.

G24102SKGX distributor

For more than 16 years, RANTLE is known as an expert and professional supplier of high-quality electronic components.

Through the years, we have maintained a reputable and good image as the best distributor.

That is why, we are encouraging you to source your highest-quality at RANTLE!

At RANTLE, we are offering a superior quality G24102SKGX with an affordable price without compromising its quality.

Plus, we offer the fastest delivery which another supplier cannot give.

For more details, contact our sales representative today!

We are 24/7 for faster response and quick deals!

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