Your No.1 72X8206 Supplier in China

  • 10 ohms up to 2Megaohms standard resistance range
  • 900Vrms dielectric strength
  • 1000 megaohms insulation resistance
  • 55˚C up to +125˚C thermal shock
  • up tp 260˚C solder heat resistance
  • 72X8206
  • 72X8206

As a professional supplier of high-quality electronic parts in China, RANTLE knows that a reliable one plays an important role.

That is why RANTLE is always dedicated to providing the best quality 72X8206 in order to support your business.

RANTLLE also distributes an excellent quality 72X8206 with a wide variety of options to cover your requirements.

The premium quality 72X8206from RANTLE is a 3/8” multiturn square trimming cermet potentiometer.

Aside from that, RANTLE is also a distributor of highest-quality 72X8206 which is highly designed with 10 ohms up to 2Megaohms range of standard resistance.

72X8206 Supplier

In China, we are supplying a premium quality 72X8206 which is incorporated with ±10% standard resistance tolerance.

Our superior quality 72X8206 is also equipped with a maximum of 200 VDC input voltage.

A maximum of 100mA slider current is also integrated into our excellent quality 72X8206 for a maximum performance.

Also, we are supplying a high-quality 72X8206 that features a maximum of 2 ohms end resistance.

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Reliable 72X8206 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE is also a supplier of top-quality 72X8206 which is fabricated with 0.5W at every 85˚C and derating to about 0W at every 125˚C power rating.

We are engaged in the distribution of trusted quality 72X8206 which is designed with 900Vrms dielectric strength.

Trusted quality 72X8206 distributed by RANTLE is equipped with a minimum of 1000 megaohms insulation resistance.

It also has an essentially infinite resolution for a maximum performance level.

It also has a 1ohm contact resistance variation.

Additionally, RANTLE provides a top-quality 72X8206 5 cycles, -55˚C up to +125˚C thermal shock.

To fit in with your requirements, RANTLE is also distributing a superior quality 72X8206 which features a 260˚C for every 10 seconds resistance to solder heat.

If you need a reliable quality 72X8206, choose to source at RANTLE!

We have an excellent quality 72X8206 with 250 hours at every 125˚C high-temperature exposure.

Moreover, our trusted quality 72X8206 can work under -55˚C to about +125˚C temperature range.

Because of its advanced features, RANTLE’s reliable quality can be best if used in automotive applications.

If you are also dealing with communications equipment, you can purchase bulk orders of 72X8206.

72X8206 Distributor

Furthermore, RANTLE’s 72X8206 is perfectly suitable for enterprise systems.

Choose to source a high-quality 72X8206 at RANTLE.

We have over 16 years of experience in the electronic parts distribution field.

Thus, we are trusted by our worldwide customers including small or big business firms.

Therefore, you can also trust us!

At RANTLE, we offer the best price for your 72X8206 orders.

We also have a swift delivery so you can focus more on your business.

At RANTLE, you can guarantee to experience a hassle-free process.

Plus, our team is 24/7 online to support you!

What are you waiting for?

Source your 72X8206 at RANTLE.

Enjoy sourcing!

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