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RANTLE SKRAAQE010 is tact switch that are being in a small current.

It provides a minimum rating of 10 μA at 1 V dc and has a maximum rating of 50 mA at 12 V dc.

SKRAAQE010 has an actual measurement of 6.8 x 3.4 mm or 6.2mm.

SKRAAQE010 supplier

It has smt terminals, high contact reliability and comes from a wide selection of operating forces and switching travels.

It also has a series of SKRA.

SKRAAQE010 device is having a higher security system and level.

It is made with IP67 equivalent protection, with an execution insulated resistance of 100MΩ minimum 100V DC for 1minimum.

It has a max rating of 50mA 12V DC and a rating minimum of 10µA 1V DC.

SKRAAQE010 label

RANTLE SKRAAQE010 is designed for electronic on and off switches and buttons.

SKRAAQE010 commonly applied in digital switching, low power miniature devices.

This is also having a switching button with a shape of round. SKRAAQE010 has 50mA at 12VDC, 343 gf. professional-made.

It gives protection assuredly.

Usually the SKRAAQE010 stem color is blue, but free to pick anything from your necessity.

This model has 250V AC for 1 minimum voltage proof.

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Reliable SKRAAQE010 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE finishes of SKRAAQE010 featured as high push utilized administration and blue rubber stem that helps to fulfill movement of 0.5mm.

SKRAAQE010 has a sharp-edge feeling formation.

It has even some surface mounted type.

The RANTLE SKRAAQE010 product can operate 100000-cycle of usage terms.

SKRAAQE010 distributor

Therefore when using SKRAAQE010, temperature diversity must be required -30 to 85°C.

It can endure any of environmental temperatures such as in -30±2℃ for 96h cold, 80±2℃ for 96h dry heat, and 60±2℃, 90 to 95%RH for 96h damp heat.

SKRAAQE010 is available in RANTLE.

Even in any sizes, our SKRAAQE010 is accessible all of the time.  For all electrical activities, surely it performed very well.

We proudly introduce our established SKRAAQE010 that is useful to be applied to any computers outlying, computers, multimedia, and automotive.

When talking about the maximum current, standardization is expected.

Original and newest SKRAAQE010 is RANTLE was proudly introduced.

SKRAAQE010 price

All this time, this SKRAAQE010 has received a certificate from Rohs.

That only proves that RANTLE finishes were made reliable.

Best quality of SKRAAQE010 that you are looking for is easily found in RANTLE.

RANTLE supplies different parts and components of electronic equipments.

Different specifications of SKRAAQE010 you wish, is our command.

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All of our offered items are 100% totally original and created in the latest designs.

We completely relying upon our customers ‘ requirements.

Your satisfaction is RANTLE privileges to achieve. We are willing to deal with any of our interested clients.

RANTLE can be the best provider of any electrical components.

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We, RANTLE are the individualistic suppliers of any electrical part, items and devices.

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