SP213ECA Wholesaler in China

  • Fast shipment with SIPEX/EXAR SP213ECA
  • Multi-channel improved line RS-232 transceiver
  • Responsible for generating an RS-232 ±10V voltage level.
  • Being enhanced up to more than ±15kV
  • Can operate a single supply voltage up to +5V
  • SP213ECA
  • SP213ECA

The EXAR/SIPEX SP213ECA is multi-channel improved line RS-232 transceiver with an enhanced electrical performance.

RANTLE’s high-quality SP213ECA-L/TR is a pin-to-pin compatible with together with SP200 and other various famous industry standards.

At RANTLE, we offer excellent quality SP213ECA which has a CMOS low-power construction and an on-board circuitry charge pump which is responsible for generating an RS-232 ±10V voltage level.

Through using a pump charge capacitor with 0.1µF, the circuit cost can be reduced as well as saves the board space.

SP213ECA Supplier

Our model of top-quality SP213ECA features a mode of low-power shutdown.

This feature is significant to reduce the power drain supply down to 1µA.

High-quality SP213ECA supplied by RANTLE has an enhancement which includes low-power typical no load 3 mA power supply.

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Reliable SP213ECA Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

For your safety, RANTLE offers proven quality of SP213ECA which is highly integrated with a superior ESD protection.

Its ESD performance is being enhanced up to more than ±15kV both for test air-discharge methods and Human-body model.

Our top-quality SP213ECA-L/TR can operate a single supply voltage up to +5V.

As an additional, RANTLE’s SP213ECA is incorporated with an external charge 0.1µF pump capacitor.

To give you a maximum performance you need for your application, RANTLE provides SP213ECA which offers a typical transmission rate up to 230kbps.

For your application needs, we distribute SP213ECA with a lower supply of current typically 3 mA than other competition.

SP213ECA Distributor

A shutdown mode of 1µA is also equipped into RANTLE’s SP213ECA. In China, RANTLE is popular as a professional supplier of SP213ECA specifically designed with a wakeup feature on a shutdown mode.

Moreover, RANTLE’s SP213ECA is designed with a receiver tri-state output.

It also has an enhanced ESD specifications including Human-body model with +15kV, IEC1000-4-2+15kV air discharge and an IEC1000-4-2+8kV contact discharge.

Furthermore, all of our electronic parts including SP213ECA are certified by RoHS, UL and other international quality standards.

Undoubtedly, RANTLE’s SP213ECA are proven with quality.

If you need to source SP213ECA and other electronic parts for your business and other applications, you can trust RANTLE.

We are supplying and distributing SP213ECA for more than 16 years now!


Through the years, we have accumulated tons of experience when it comes to distributing or supplying electronic components.

No doubt, RANTLE is trusted by thousands of clients worldwide.

To meet your specific demands, we offer a wide variety of electronic components.

These electronic components are widely used in some industries such as telecommunications, peripheral, computers, medical, transportation, military and more.


At RANTLE, we offer rapid delivery for your orders of SP213ECA-L/TR.

Plus, our SP213ECA and other electronic parts are provided with competitive price.

With RANTLE, you can certainly save your money and focus more on your business.

We can surely help your business to succeed!

To ensure that you will get exactly what you’ve ordered, our knowledgeable and expert quality control team thoroughly inspects before every shipment.

Thus, you can guarantee that your SP213ECA and other electronic parts are functional and authentic.

If you want to purchase SP213ECA at RANTLE, kindly contact our approachable sales representative for more details!

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