Professional SMDA24C-7.TBT Supplier in China

  • It protects 7 I/O lines
  • Ithas low leakage current
  • Low operating and clamping voltages
  • Solid-state silicon technology
  • High surge capability transit array
  • Up to 5 bidirectional transil functions
  • ESD protection up to 15 kV
  • It has working voltage of (5, 12, 15, and 24 volt)
  • SMDA24C-7.TBT

RANTLE SMDA24C-7.TBT is widely used for data lines such as RS-422 and RS-232.

It also used for microprocessor-based equipment, WAN/LAN equipment, servers, desktops, notebooks, instrumentations, peripherals, and set top box. Also, best suited for parallel ports and serial, portable electronics, and industrial controls.

SMDA24C-7.TBT Supplier in China

RANTLE SMDA24C-7.TBT are designed to protect the components that were connected to data and to its transmission lines from the voltage surges.

Thus, it caused electrostatic discharge or (ESD). Also, it caused electrical fast transients or called (EFT), and lightning or blistering.

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SMDA24C-7.TBT Features

SMDA24C-7.TBT Features

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RANTLE SMDA24C-7.TBT is also designed to provide a transient suppression on the multiple data lines.There is design that will allow the user to protect it up to seven (7) data and I/O lines with one package.It is the “low profile SO-8” design.

The RANTLESMDA24C-7.TBT TVS diode arrays meet the surge requisite of IEC 801-2. For air and contact discharge, it meets the certificate standard IEC 61000-4-2 level 4 HBM.

SMDA24C-7.TBT Distributor

RANTLE SMDA24C-7.TBT hastransit diode arrays that will provide a high overvoltage shield on clamping actions.Their immediate reaction to a transient overvoltages are making them a specifically suited for application mention above.It will help to protect a device that are sensitive on voltage like MOS technology. It also protects a low voltage supplied IC’s.

At RANTLE, you can always rely on our SMDA24C-7.TBT TVS devices that incorporate many advance features.

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SMDA24C-7.TBT Application Board

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SMDA24C-7.TBT Description

SMDA24C-7.TBT Description

SMDA24C-7.TBT Applications

SMDA24C-7.TBT Applications


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