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RANTLE TB62705CP is a devices comprise of an 8- bit shift register, latch and constant current drivers.

Used for Latches and drivers constant current with 8 an output constant current circuits can hold up the resistor external set- up of (IOUT = 5~90mA).

It contains a data latches can convert a serial input data to the parallel output.

It can provide a unique flexibility performance of TB62705CP constant devices.

TB62705CP driving leads with a wide range of a current drivers variations.

The TB62705CP /CFN/CF are exactly designed for LED (light emitting diode) display and LED  drivers constant current.

And for the output stage of  8-bit shift register, can regulate a current ports to provide a uniform and constant current designed.

The TB62705CP integrated circuit designed is a flexible design to exist together that can used for the current circuit processes.

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RANTLE TB62705CP have an excellent characteristics, it has a highest care to the necessary plan of the output current.

This RANTLE TB62705CP device can operate on 0.5 and 0.8 V (VO).

That gives a higher input device into current voltage, the surplus current voltage is used, to make a power dissipation device.

It has only one pin, to combined into signal ground pin to the power ground pin.

RANTLE TB62705CP have a unique design, this designed are LED lighting applications with constant current control, that can give a shorted load or an open load.

TB62705CP Distributor

TB62705CP  have an satisfies system requirements into high volume to produce a transmission data at the output port current circuit devices.

In addition, RANTLE are working frequently to upgrade the reliability and quality of TB62705CP product.

The responsibility of the RANTLE engineers  are utilizing the TB62705CP product to comply the standards of the safety users.

RANTLE engineers are build a sheltered design for the complete TB62705CP device system.

RANTLE can avoid the situations, if ever the product is malfunction or failure, RANTLE can find the way that this is not happened.

In developing the design of TB62705CP, RANTLE can assure that TB62705CP product are make or used within the state of operating range.

RANTLE TB62705CP have a better manner in which are included the two purposes function.

The TB62705CP current gain control and error detection.

In the two special operation modes, there are three phases, mode transition phase, normal mode phase and special mode phase.

This phase are the signal for multiple function TB62705CP pins to determined and to monitor the mode.

This device enters the phase switching mode which is the voltage level of the LED determines the mode of TB62705CP switches.

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