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TDA7052AT from RANTLE is a mono output BTL amplifier with a DC control volume.

TDA7052AT has a built-in MCL circuit protection.

It is activated especially when a difference in a current between an output terminal of every exceeds of 100 mA amplifier.

TDA7052AT Supplier

Every level of a 100 mA allows a headphone application.

TDA7052AT distributed by RANTLE has a DC control volume.

It also has some of external components and mute mode.

For a maximum and optimized performance, RANTLE’s TDA7052AT has thermal protection and is a short circuit proof.

RANTLE also supplies TDA7052AT with no off-clicks and switch on.

TDA7052AT datasheet

As one of the best suppliers and distributors of TDA7052AT in China, we always make sure that we supply overall excellent stability.

TDA7052AT from RANTLE also consumes low power and emits HF low radiation.

All pins of our TDA7052AT are ESD protected for a safe use.

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Reliable TDA7052AT Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

We also supply TDA7052AT which widely used for a variety of applications.

TDA7052AT from RANTLE is specifically designed to be utilized by monitors and TV.

These are also ideally suitable to be used for radios and portable battery-fed recorders.

At RANTLE, we can cover whatever you need for a TDA7052AT and other electronic components.

Do you want help in finding a reliable and proven quality IC distributor and supplier?

You don’t have to look further. RANTLE can always help you!

TDA7052AT Distributor

We specialize in distributing a very high-quality TDA7052AT and numerous electronic components.

To guarantee the quality, we employ an impeccable quality control team that inspected and tested our electronic components meticulously and thoroughly.

Since our establishment, around 16 years now, we have found an image as a trusted supplier of electronic components in China.

Through the years in the industry, we have accumulated a lot of customer’s trust and admiration.

Relatively, our clients trust RANTLE because we offer a competitive rate.

We also do fast delivery for orders of TDA7052AT whether large or small volume.

Plus, our sales staffs and personnel are 24/7 online available to answer your questions and inquiries.

Buy TDA7052AT in Reel

If you purchase from RANTLE, we will give you support and excellent services that you will never get from other counterparts.

You can always trust at RANTLE!

Whatever industry you are, whether from military, aerospace, transportation, telecommunication or medical, peripheral and computer, RANTLE can give you the best TDA7052AT and suitable electronic components.

In China, we have known as a professional, reputable and powerful distributor and supplier.

Further, almost 75% of RANTLE’s electronic components are readily available for deliveries.

RANTLE is your trustworthy business partner!

RANTLE can help you source obsolete and hard-to-find electronic components.

Also, at RANTLE, we will respond quickly to every RQFs.

TDA7052AT label

You can surely assure that you can have easy communication if you transact with us.

Moreover, to make sure that you will receive your exact order, we provide 30 days of warranty.

Think RANTLE as your number supplier!

For more details and information regarding RANTLE and TDA7052AT, contact our helpful representative.

We will give you a positive and clear response!

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