Your Best ICL7662EBA Supplier in China

ICL7662EBA Distributor – Your Best ICL7662EBA Supplier in China

Rantle is one of the best ICL7662EBA distributor. We have been distributing all kind of electric components. We have available a large number of of components including ICL7662EBA+T. Excellently use a wide kind of industrial and automated applications.


Are you looking for a high-quality ICL7662EBA? RANTLE can help you source with it!


RANTLE distributed ICL7662EBA which is a monolithic charge pump voltage inverter that will convert a positive voltage in the range of +4.5V to +20V to the corresponding negative voltage of -4.5V to -20V.

The ICL7662/ ICL7662EBA+T provides performance far superior to previous implementations of charge pump voltage inverters by combining low quiescent current with high efficiency.

The ICL7662EBA has an oscillator, control circuitry, and 4 power MOS switches on-chip, with the only required external components being two low cost Capacitors.

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Your Trustworthy ICL7662EBA Distributor and Supplier – RANTLE East Electronics

Rantle ICL7662EBA offers +4.5 V to +20V Supply to -45V to -20V and Output Cascaded Voltage Multiplication (Vout = -nV+). 99.7% typical open circuit conversion efficiency. It is required only 2 external capacitors and pin compatible with the ICL7660.


Rantle ICL7662EBA can be use in inexpensive negative supplies, in data acquisition systems
Up to -20V for OP Amp, other Liner Circuits and supply splitter, Vout = Vs/2.

The most common application of the ICL7662EBA+T is as a charge pump voltage inverter, and converting a positive voltage to the corresponding negative equivalent.

The Rantle ICL7662EBA is not a voltage regulator, and the output source resistance is approximately 60 with a + 15V supply.

ICL7662EBA distributor

This means that with an input voltage of 15V, the output voltage will be 15V under light loads but will decrease to 14.4V with a 10mA load current.

The output source impedance of the complete circuit is the sum of ICL7662EBA output resistance and the impedance of the pump capacitor at the pump frequency.

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