Your Top R209.408.012 Supplier in China

  • 1200 up to 2000 Volts
  • 0.2 to about 0.5 Ampere current
  • 1200 V blocking DC voltage
  • 50uA reverse DC current
  • 30pF junction capacitance
  • R209.408.012
  • R209.408.012

Are you searching for a reliable and reputable distributor of highest-quality R209.408.012 for your business?

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RANTLE is always by your side to provide you the best quality R209.408.012 that will certainly meet your specifications.

At RANTLE, we are also supplying a premium quality R209.408.012 with a broad variety of options to ensure that it will fit your business perfectly.

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In China, RANTLE is an independent distributor of an excellent quality R209.408.012 which is a silicon higher voltage rectifier.

R209.408.012 distributor

Our top-quality R209.408.012 also has a voltage range of 1200 up to 2000 Volts.

A current of 0.2 to about 0.5 Ampere is also supported by our highest-quality R209.408.012.

A maximum of 1200V peak reverse recurrent voltage is incorporated into our trusted quality R209.408.012 for a maximum solution.

RANTLE’s reliable quality R209.408.012 is also equipped with a maximum of 840 V RMS volts.

To ensure that you can fully get the most out of our dependable quality R209.408.012, we are supplying an R209.408.012 which is incorporated with a maximum of 1200 V blocking DC voltage.

Other than that, we also have a superior quality R209.408.012 which is designed with a maximum of 50uA reverse DC current.

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Reliable R209.408.012 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

For a higher level of performance, RANTLE is supplying a premium quality R209.408.012 which features a maximum of 30uA reverse full load current.

That is why our highest-quality R209.408.012 can offer you a low cost.

In China, RANTLE is recognized as an expert supplier of trusted quality R209.408.012 which is integrated with a typical 30pF junction capacitance.

Because of that, our top-quality R209.408.012 is designed with lower leakage.

R209.408.012 supplier

Additionally, RANTLE supplies the highest-quality R209.408.012 that features storage and operating temperature ranging from -65˚C up to +175˚C for the best solution.

To assure that you can fully utilize our premium quality R209.408.012, it is designed with a lower voltage forward drop.

Moreover, at RANTLE, we offer a superior quality R209.408.012 that features a maximum of 500mAmps forward average rectified current.

Due to that reason, our top-quality R209.408.012 can offer you a higher current capability and better efficiency.

No doubt, RANTLE’s excellent quality R209.408.012 can perfectly suit your applications!

As the leading supplier of the highest-quality R209.408.012 in China, we are always adapting to the changes of needs and markets.

But because of our expertise and more than 16 years in this field, we are able to supply the best quality R209.408.012.

buy R209.408.012

Today, RANTLE offers the most reasonable cost for your R209.408.012 orders.

With a competitive price, RANTLE’s R209.408.012 are all with excellent quality.

To guarantee your best quality, we have a quality control team to ensure functionality, authenticity and good condition.

Source your R209.408.012 at RANTLE! Contact us today!

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