Your Professional IXBOD1-20RD Supplier in China

  • 200A on-state non-repetitive current
  • 5.1 on-state voltage
  • ±50 V tolerance
  • 100uA leakage current
  • 2kV clamping voltage
  • IXBOD1-20RD
  • IXBOD1-20RD

As a professional supplier of high-quality IXBOD1-20RD, RANTLE knows that a reliable quality electronic part like IXBOD1-20RD is highly significant for the growth of your business.

That is why RANTLE is offering a wide option of highest quality IXBOD1-20RD.

Apart from that, RANTLE is also an authorized distributor of premium quality IXBOD1-20RD in China.

IXBOD1-20RD supplier

That is why you can surely trust RANTLE as your number one supplier of excellent quality IXBOD1-20RD.

Discover RANTLE’s superior quality IXBOD1-20RD!

The best quality IXBOD1-20RD supplied by RANTLE is a Sidacs with 2000 V and 1 Amp.

It is also incorporated with a maximum of 200A on-state non-repetitive current.

Because of that, our high-quality can provide a higher efficiency.

Additionally, we are also supplying the top-quality IXBOD1-20RD which supports a 100uA leakage current off-state at VDRM IDRM.

An on-state voltage of 5.1 is also equipped into our highest-quality IXBOD1-20RD for a maximum performance level.

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Reliable IXBOD1-20RD Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

In China, we are also a distributor of trusted quality IXBOD1-20RD which is highly designed with through hole mounting style.

Our reliable quality IXBOD1-20RD is also equipped with a current rating of 900mA.

You can also avail our premium quality IXBOD1-20RD with ±50 V tolerance.

For the better solutions on your applications, RANTLE is a supplier of high-quality IXBOD1-20RD designed especially with a -40˚C up to +125˚C temperature range.

At RANTLE, we also offer the trusted quality IXBOD1-20RD with a 2kV clamping voltage.

Apart from those, our dependable quality IXBOD1-20RD is also incorporated with a 30mA hold current.

Our trusted quality IXBOD1-20RD is equipped with 3 numbers of the circuit and 20 number of pins for easy use, assembling and compact design.

Because of the advanced features mentioned above, RANTLE’s excellent quality IXBOD1-20RD is best and suitable for transient voltage protection.

If you have a high-voltage switch that needs a reliable IXBOD1-20RD, choose to source at RANTLE.

Also, if you are dealing with crowbars, our highest-quality IXBOD1-20RD is highly reliable.

Additionally, we also have the best quality IXBOD1-20RD which is perfectly suitable for lasers.

With quality and efficiency, our premium quality IXBOD1-20RD is ideal for pulse generators and other related applications.

You can surely find the best quality IXBOD1-20RD at RANTLE!

For more than 16 years, RANTLE is committed to providing the widest options of an in-stock electronic component including IXBOD1-20RD.

IXBOD1-20RD distributor

We are also offering the possible best services to our customers.

Because of this, we are ranked as number one and professional suppliers as well as an expert independent distributor.

We are also providing the most competitive rates and fastest delivery.

At RANTLE we always aim to give you the availability of the products, responsiveness to the problems, speed services and more.

With that, you can always trust RANTLE. Source your highest-quality IXBOD1-20RD at RANTLE.

You can surely enjoy the hassle-free buying experience given by RANTLE.

Don’t hesitate to call us today!

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