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  • U-BLOX  IT530M
    Fastrax miniature Multi-GNSS module
  • low current dissemination
  • 9.6×9.6 mm nominal weight
  • 15-sec storage predetermined span
  • 10 Hz update rates
  • IT530M-320F-ITM-4383
  • IT530M-320F-ITM-4383

RANTLE IT530M-320F-ITM-4383 is one of a microchip module-receivers with an attached software that authorizes the upgrading of designs.

It supplies an absolute signal that comes from antenna position data output and input.

RANTLE IT530MF4383 needs backup and main power supply.

IT530M series is very useful both for industrial and commercial applications.

These are very functional to any electronic section.

Design with high-quality that incomparable to others.

These are also used for any low current dissemination.

For your computers to run softly, these are highly recommended.

IT530M-320F-ITM-4383 supplier

RANTLE IT530M-320F-ITM-4383 module has an extremely tiny form factor with a 9.6×9.6 mm nominal weight and height with 1.85 mm.

IT530MF4383 can be set up with the help of SMT reflow attachment.

However, this module supports autonomous assistance A-GPS.

The embedded assist system information is indicated on flash memory and allows speedy TTFF or Time to first fix the system.

IT530M-0 also contains an Active Interference Cancellation.

It offers jamming removal up to twelve CW jammers -80dBm and ultra-modern narrow band involvement.

Additionally, it can provide flash memory for firmware and software upgrades.

IT530M-320F-ITM-4383 distributor

It also has a module setting inside that can save the information and use it as a GPS logger system.

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Reliable IT530M-320F-ITM-4383 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Advanced features of our IT530M-320F-ITM-4383 includes very speedy TTFF.

Typically, it is characterized by a little footprint and innovative intervention suppression.

This functionality confirms the maximum capabilities even in GPS-hostile applications.

These products are 100% lead-free and RoHS compliance. Besides, IT530MF4383 packages color is elegant with durable access.

IT530M-320F-ITM-4383 PRICE

RANTLE IT530M is fully assembled and ready to use for your applications.

Moreover, it features an embedded data logger that allows easy-automatic registration of position data.

The logging efficiency is 16 hours type at a 15-sec storage predetermined span.

RANTLE IT530M-320F-ITM-4383 s design for peripheral, telecommunications, computer, transportation, industrial and consumer applications that needs parallel GPS or GLONASS reception.

RANTLE IT530M-320F-ITM-4383 offers an outstanding sensitivity with high performance that can meet clients` standards.

Generally, this module receiver can adaptively adjust the fixed-rate and navigation activity based on measured speed.

RANTLE IT530M-320F-ITM-4383(IT530M-0) range over up to 10 Hz update rates.

In RANTLE, we produce such a stable product with high-quality performance.

These are offered at reasonable prices yet competitive.

Through adding some quality form of IT530M-0 product, this might be a big contribute for a faster growth of your business.

Large orders of each client will surely be entertained without hesitation.

BUY IT530M-320F-ITM-4383

Furthermore, RANTLE is the leading distributor of any IT530MF4383 authentic products.

For over 16 years in distribution experience in the market, RANTLE offers excellent quality IT530M from China.

We have experienced and professional QC team that ensures the functionality and dependability of our excellent product.

Before dispatching the shipment to our respected customers, our components are well-tested for condition and quality.

We provide high-speed delivery on most of the electronic component orders to our individual customers.

If you need a trustworthy supplier in China, always choose RANTLE.

When you purchased at RANTLE, excellent performances await you.

We guarantee the cost-effectiveness, power efficiency and advanced accuracy of our IT530M-320F-ITM-4383.

RANTLE has proven performed extraordinary and received international standard certifications.

We offer 24/7 online support to satisfy your qualifications.

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Learn more about the IT530MF4383, please click the IT530M(IT530M-0) datasheet.

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