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  • Competitive Price for MBI5031GTS
  • 16 years of operating in the industry
  • 128 steps for a global brightness LED adjustment
  • Supply voltage ranging from 3.0 V up to 5.0 V
  • MBI5031GTS
  • MBI5031GTS

In China, RANTLE is a leading independent distributor of MBI5031GTS which is specifically designed for any video LED application.

It utilizes a Pulse Width Modulation or (PMW) internal control with a gray-scales of 12-bit.

MBI5031GTS Supplier

Also, RANTLE’s MBI5031GTS has an output port which supports a current sixteen regulated ports.

These are designed in order to provide a constant and uniform current sink.

These are for any LEDs that has a vast array of a Vf variations.

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Reliable MBI5031GTS Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE’s MBI5031GTS output current will be preset via external resistor.

Additionally, our MBI5031GTS preset current can also be programmed more or less than gain 128 steps for a global brightness LED adjustment.

Our MBI5031GTS also supports Scrambled-PWM technology.

It enhances the PWM through scrambling ‘on’ time to a various ‘on’ period.

This enhancement significantly increases the device’s refresh visual rate.

If you are constructing a gray-scale 12-bit video, RANTLE’s MBI5031GTS S-PWM enhances fidelity and decreases flickers.

MBI5031GTS Price

MBI5031GTS from RANTLE can offload a timing signal generation from a host controller.

It just requires a feed data unto drivers.

RANTLE also distributes MBI5031GTS which drives a corresponding LED to a specified brightness by the image data.

All output of RANTLE’s high-quality MBI5031GTS can also be constructed with a color depth of 12-bit.

Moreover, RANTLE’s MBI5031GTS features a constant-current 16 output channels and grayscale 12-bit PWM control.

To provide you a maximum level of performance, we supply MBI5031GTS with an open-circuit detection which can perceive LEDs individual errors.

As a world-leading distributor in China, we offer MBI5031GTS incorporated with a programmable gain 8-bit output current.

It can operate a range of output current from 5~45mA at every 3.3 V voltage supply and 5~60mA at every 5.0 V voltage supply.

MBI5031GTS Distributor

To give you the best solution you need, we are supplying MBI5031GTS with an output staggered delay and a maximum frequency of 25MHz data clock.

Furthermore, RANTLE is distributing a highest quality MBI5031GTS with features like trigger Schmitt input and supply voltage ranging from 3.0 V up to 5.0 V.

Whether for your business or specific applications, RANTLE is your best MBI5031GTS and other electronic part supplier and distributor in China.

With our 16 years of operating in the industry, we deeply know that the supply chain of electronic parts in the industry keeps on changing and developing.

Thus, we offer you a vast selection of electronic components for you to choose.

Certainly, RANTLE can help you locate the most accurate electronic components.

Obviously, RANTLE is a trusted electronic parts supplier from China.

At RANTLE, we have friendly and passionate sales team who are dedicated to provide prompt response and good communication to our valuable customers.

Our rapid delivery and reasonable rate for every order of authentic MBI5031GTS, are highly admired by our customers.

At RANTLE, without a doubt, you can save time and money.

We are delighted to work with our dear customers!

We promise to be your best and trustworthy business partner!

If you think of sourcing electronic components especially MBI5031GTS, think RANTLE first.

Unrivaled services will be offered to you!

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