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The NCP1081DER2G belongs to a high-power HIPO ON Semiconductor PoE-PD family product.

It will give your applications a flexible, highly integrated and robust solution by using a demanding high or medium Ethernet applications.

Our combines a single enhanced PoE-PD interface unit and a configurable or flexible converter DC-DC controller.

RANTLE’s NCP1081DER2G has an exceptional capability.

It will provide you a new opportunity for product design directly powered over the Ethernet lines.

Through this, it will remove the requirements of power supplies or local power-adaptors.

It will also drastically decrease the overall maintenance and installation cost.

NCP1081DER2G price

RANTLE’s NCP1081DER2G unique design allows it to deliver about 25.5 W and proprietary PoE high-power applications up to 40 W.

Our NCP1081DER2G also enables draft IEEE802.3at.

It implements a two physical layer event classification.

Also, RANTLE’s NCP1081DER2G has a classification proprietary procedure that supports a higher power of PSE or power sourcing equipment.

Our NCP1081DER2G high-power unique features have leveraged the important cost advantages of a PoE-enabled systems into a wider spectrum.

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The DC-DC controller of RANTLE’s NCP1081DER2G facilitates a non-isolated and isolated flyback, buck and forward converter topologies.

Also, RANTLE supplies NCP1081DER2G with all the features necessary in a high-efficient, robust and flexible product design.

This typically includes up to about 80%duty cycle, soft-start-up, slope compensation, and programmable frequency switching.

In any of these, RANTLE’s NCP1081DER2G can give optimal performance.

Additionally, RANTLE’s NCP1081DER2G is fabricated with a rugged DMOS vertical N-channel and a high-voltage robust process.

It also has a lower loss of current technique sense.

This makes our NCP1081DER2G perfectly suitable for any demanding environments.

It also can endure harsh environment including ESD cable events and hot-swap.

RANTLE’s NCP1081DER2G can also be combined with bus CAN driver, motor stepper driver, and various interfacing high-voltage devices.

Due to that, our NCP1081DER2G can provide you a complete solution to the security and industrial market.

NCP1081DER2G supplier

To meet your requirements, our NCP1081DER2G can be used widely in Dome IP and PTZ cameras.

You can also use it in ethernet industrial devices and RFID readers.

If you are also dealing with MIMO-WLAN access points, you can choose RANTLE’s NCP1081DER2G.

For notebooks and VoIP high-end phones, you can utilize our NCP1081DER2G as one of its significant devices.

If you are looking for a distributor or a verified supplier of high-quality NCP1081DER2G in China, RANTLE can be your best choice.

We are experts and specialists when it comes to the sourcing of various electronic components.

In China, we have accumulated over 16 years of experience in the market.

As the supply chain of NCP1081DER2G in the market keeps on changing as well as developing.

RANTLE will always find an innovative way to provide you with the highest-quality electronic components.

RANTLE is a powerful, reputable, professional and dependable electronic component distributor in China.

Throughout the years, we have found this great reputation through our knowledgeable staff and sales personnel.

Our competitive price for all electronic components including NCP1081DER2G is also admired by thousands of clients.

The quality of RANTLE’s NCP1081DER2G is tested by our expert quality control team.

These are all RoHS and other quality standards-compliant.


At RANTLE, you can always find what you need for an electronic component.

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