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  • The high-voltage regulator which contains a buck N-channel switch
  • Fast load transient response
  • Switching capacity that has the ability to exceed 1MHz
  • Provides an optimal solution for every automotive system application
  • LM5010MH
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The LM5010MH is a switching step-down regulator which is equipped with all the needed functions in implementing an efficient and low-cost bias buck regulator.

This has the capability to supply an excess load current of 1 A.

Our LM5010MH is a high-voltage regulator which contains a buck N-channel switch.

it is incorporated with a hysteretic-regulation scheme.

Thus, our LM5010MH doesn’t require a loop compensation.

It will result in a simplified implementation of circuit and fast load transient response.

LM5010MH Supplier

RANTLE’s LM5010MH has a constant operating frequency.

Because of inverse relationship of on-time and input voltage with load and line variations, it remains constant.

RANTLE’s LM5010MH has a 1.25 A current valley limit detection.

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Reliable LM5010MH Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

As an addition, our LM5010MH has a thermal shutdown, maximum limiter duty cycle, under-voltage gate drive and Vcc under-voltage lockout.

At RANTLE, we supply LM5010MH 8V to 75V range of input voltage.

A current valley limit of 1.25A is also provided by our LM5010MH.

Also, feedback reference precision of 2.5V is equipped into our LM5010MH.

With RANTLE’s LM5010MH, you can adjust its output voltage.

LM5010MH Distributor

Moreover, to improve the performance of our LM5010MH, we have integrated it with a start-up regulator.

Our LM5010MH comes with a switching capacity that has the ability to exceed 1MHz.

Furthermore, you can use RANTLE’s LM5010MH in many applications.

If you are dealing with point-of-load higher efficiency regulator, you choose RANTLE’s LM5010MH as a main device.

Also, telecommunications non-isolated buck regulator and other relative applications can use LM5010MH supplied by RANTLE.

Does your high-voltage secondary post regulator need LM5010MH? Use our LM5010MH.

Aside from that, our LM5010MH provides an optimal solution for every automotive system application.

Surely, you can get the best LM5010MH at RANTLE.

buy LM5010MH

At RANTLE, we offer you the best quality LM5010MH and other electronic parts.

We always make sure to meet the requirements of every clients.

That is why our stocks of electronic parts such as LM5010MH are readily available for bulk and urgent orders.

If you choose RANTLE as your supplier of LM5010MH and various electronic components to your business, you will never be disappointed.

We also offer competitive rates and quick delivery for your orders of LM5010MH.

We usually deliver every order 1 to 5 days upon processing the payments.

By this, you can have hassle-free process and you can have more time on your business.

LM5010MH application board

You can trust at RANTLE since we are on our 16th year in operating in this field.

Actually, we are known as the world-leading independent LM5010MH and electronic parts distributor.

We supply electronic components for most industries such as military, peripheral, aerospace, computer, medical, transportation, telecommunications and more.

Through the years, we have founded a good image as the number one supplier.

In China, we are famous in distributing an excellent quality LM5010MH.

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