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  • Fast Shipment with NTCALUG02A103G
  • Qualifications of RoHS and other quality safety standards.
  • Utilized in controlling the heat-sink temperature of various power electronics
  • Widely accepted to be perfectly suitable to use in a consumer appliance
  • Excellent quality
  • NTCALUG02A103G
  • NTCALUG02A103G -2

RANTLE’s NTCALUG02A103G is an NTC thermistor chip which is equipped with an epoxy coating.

Its middle layer buffer is mounted in to a tin-plated copper lug ring with a peek-insulated leads and a silver-plated mono-stranded nickel.

This device is ideal to be screwed in a surface such as metal by the use of M3.5 or M3 screw.

Our NTCALUG02A103G connections can also be suitable to be soldered in a connector insertion or in a PCB.

NTCALUG02A103G price

NTCALUG02A103G sensor cannot be used with a permanent contact with liquids such as water.

Other applicable sizes for crew holes are available at RANTLE.

For cable section, connector crimping, insulation, screw sizes, cable length and more features, you can consult our sales representative.

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Reliable NTCALUG02A103G Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

NTCALUG02A103G distributed by RANTLE has a lower thermal gradient since it uses closed ring low profile tongue and a nickel conductor.

It is also qualified by AEC-Q200 as well as recognized by UL.

As an addition to that, it had passed the requirements and qualifications of RoHS and other quality and safe standards.

NTCALUG02A103G by RANTLE have encompassed a vast range of applications and uses.

Commonly, these are used in an accurate sensing and control of surface temperature in a computer equipment.

It is also utilized in controlling the heat-sink temperature of various power electronics.

Moreover, RANTLE also supplies NTCALUG02A103G which is widely accepted to be perfectly suitable to used in a consumer appliance.

Aside from that, industrial equipment also uses RANTLE’s NTCALUG02A103G for an optimum solution.

Our wide selection of NTCALUG02A103G found at RANTLE can also be utilized in an automotive industry.

Surely, if you choose RANTLE to be your supplier, whatever industry you are, we can help improve your productivity through our excellent quality NTCALUG02A103G.

RANTLE is a verified and most trusted supplier as well as distributor of electronic components in China.

You can always rely at RANTLE because we have 16 years of supplying experience to thousands of clients around the globe.

It is our pride to be recognized as a leading distributor of ICs worldwide.

NTCALUG02A103G price

Also, RANTLE has a qualified track record and positive reputation in delivering best quality electronic components.

To ensure that you will receive what you exactly ordered, every electronic component including NTCALUG02A103G is offered with a 30-days warranty.

RANTLE warrant the function, fit and form for every manufacturers’ specifications and datasheet of electronic components.

At RANTLE, we also offer a fast delivery.

We ship orders of electronic parts and components typically 1-5 days after we received your payments.

We will advance inform you if there is a long-lead time for stock availability.

Other than that, our reasonable rate for orders of NTCALUG02A103G and various electronic components is one of the reasons why more customers are attracted to purchase at RANTLE.

With RANTLE, you can surely focus on your business while saving money.

RANTLE is a cost-effective choice!

Hard-to-find or obsolete electronic components?

RANTLE can help you in sourcing with that.

Just send or let us know your desired part number so we can deal with it.

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