Your Best ATXMEGA128A3U-AU Supplier in China

ATXMEGA128A3U-AU Distributor - Your Best ATXMEGA128A3U-AU Supplier in China

Rantle is an independent ATXMEGA128A3U-AU distributor ideal for wide range of application including board, motor, industrial, building and other real-time control applications. This microchip technology comes with various peripheral features delivering high performances.


Any ATXMEGA128A3U-AU, You Name It. We Source It


Aside from mention above, Rantle distribute ATXMEGA128A3U-AU best for hand-held battery applications, networking and metering, optical, medical devices, factory automation and many many more.

Rantle can provide ATXMEGA128A3U-AU with great and special features.  In addition to that, Rantle ATXMEGA128A3U-AU has low power yet high performance 8/16-bit AVR. This is perfect microcontrollers for component that require moisture protection.

Further features of ATXMEGA128A3U-AU include 128KB self-programming flash program memory, 8KB boot code section, 8KB SRAM and so on.

Moreover, Rantle design ATXMEGA128A3U-AU with 2048-Byte EEPROM, 4-channel DMA controller, and 8-channel event system.  Also, there are up to 32 MIPS throughput at 32MHz.

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Professional ATXMEGA128A3U-AU Distributor - Rantle East Electronic

Rantle provide ATXMEGA128A3U-AU with nonvolatile program and data memories such as 4K – 8KBytes boot section, 2K – 4KBytes EEPROM and more. This is suitable for a comprehensive range of components applications.

Rantle offer energy-efficient, high performing microcontrollers – ATXMEGA128A3U-AU. Aside from this microchip, we deal all kinds of IC chips and electronic components.

ATXMEGA128A3U-AU supplier

Rantle has strong industry expertise and knowledge to provide best support at every stage of the process. With expert staff, you can ensure one-stop, strong source for your electronic components needs.

Aside from ATXMEGA128A3U-AU, Rantle offer thousands electronic components for any industrial applications. In Rantle, we ensure to deliver your orders in the shortest available time.

This makes it possible through our partners, international top express couriers that will deliver your order to your desk. Wherever place you are, in just 2-5 working days, your orders will arrive.

Another good thing is that our electronic components come with 30 days warranty. Therefore, you don’t have anything to worry about.

ATXMEGA128A3U-AU distributor

As a world-leading independent electronic component distributor, Rantle offer ATXMEGA128A3U-AU and all other microcontrollers with highest quality standard.

Offered components can be avail at competitive prices. Expect good quality service with Rantle. We are one of good reputation, trusted source of electronic components.

As time goes by, Rantle evolve and been expanding operations and increase global partners. Together with expert sales team, we can quickly determine the best solution suits your projects.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Within 24 working hours, we can contact you back.

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